What is this website? A sad little tomb I alone inhabit in a half-alive state? Yes, I guess that is what it is. That’s fine. If the world is prison, and this tomb is my jail cell, then I suppose there are worse places to be. My lonely hovel at the end of the world! wrought by my own trembling hands during the empty hours of the night!

Anyway: A few weeks ago I mentioned in some post that I had made my archives beautiful. I did this because I was going insane and I needed something to occupy my time. In this same post I hinted that I had also worked on “invisible” things as well. Today I was feeling absolutely out of my mind once again, and so to keep myself from sliding a kitchen knife through my ribs and fatally puncturing my heart, I finished a few of those invisible things and have made them visible to you. Who are you, anyway? I wonder sometimes. Probably I’m just talking to myself anymore, which is, yes, par for the course.

At any rate: My “”features”” page looks halfway decent now, and maybe in these trying times that’s all you can really hope for. I cleaned up the individual essays and stories in there as well . . . gave them nice bold titles, and so on, because what the hell else am I going to with myself other than fantasize about kitchen knives and Antarctic burials.

What else did I do? I don’t know. I cleaned up the “”about”” page as well. I got rid of some of the more worthless information and kept a few things that didn’t seem as worthless (but are still worthless nonetheless—don’t worry!). I added some more “trivia” (lol) for the two or three of you who have ever read that stuff.

I got some more stuff but for now I need to do some push-ups and eat a handful of friendly capsules and go the hell to sleep. If I stay up any longer I think I’ll really lose it. I will finish the other invisible things when I feel insane enough to require a distraction from my own crumbling mortality, which will probably be two or three hours from now.


. . . or as Akira Kurosawa would say: