in secret, and by myself, i have been watching every single ‘star trek’ movie in chronological order

‘wrath of khan’ is everyone’s favorite . . . and it’s very good!! but maaannnn i had so much fun with ‘the voyage home’. they time travel back to the bay area, for god’s sake! in the 1980s! to take humpback whales back to the 23rd century, where they are extinct, so they can communicate with a massive cylindrical vessel that is accidentally destroying earth by releasing high-frequency transmissions into the ocean to communicate with whales, which are, yes, extinct!!

for god’s sake, people: admiral james t. kirk goes on a date at an italian restaurant with a marine biologist! and when the check comes he’s confused because there’s no money in the 23rd century! it’s weird stupid stuff. i love it so much.

look at this frickin poster, man:

god, that rules!!!! but: the golden gate bridge does not connect oakland / treasure island to san francisco like that. that would be the bay bridge. the golden gate bridge connects san francisco to the north bay / marin county, which is more north. (unless that’s supposed to be the far less iconic bay bridge? which resembles the golden gate bridge only it’s grey? everything in the poster is reddish so it’s difficult to tell. what leads me to believe it’s supposed to be the golden gate bridge is that it only has two towers, whereas the bay bridge has like four or five. whatever. it’s still cool)

next up is ‘STAR TREK V: THE FINAL FRONTIER’, which is widely considered to be the worst ‘star trek’ film. it was directed by william shatner! i can’t wait~

i think i’m going to make a li’l subpage and do li’l write-ups of the movies as i watch them. is that dumb? i don’t know. i guess i don’t care either


kirk out.