From Orson Welles final interview, which was on ‘The Merv Griffin Show’:

MERV GRIFFIN: Are there certain parts of it, of your life, that were really joyous?

ORSON WELLES: Oh, yes. There’s certain parts of almost every day . . . that are joyous. I’m not, uh . . . an essentially happy person, but I have all kinds of joy. And there is a difference, you know. Because joy is a great big . . . electrical experience. And just happiness is . . . oh, I don’t know, a warthog can be happy. And I don’t want to knock warthogs. Why did I pick on them?

Man, yeah.

The full interview is here and it’s so good. He opens the show by performing magic tricks with the audience. He died about twelve hours later seated at his typewriter.