What is this? Earlier today, in what a trained professional (in some field) might call “an act of sheer desperation”—and in an earnest attempt to Be Productive and Trick My Body Into Functioning Like A Normal Human’s Body, I did the thing my doctor told my to do when these certain queer times and occasions land on the doorstep of my broken mind. It looked like this:

QUOTH ROXY MUSIC: “It was fun for a while.” I felt like I’d lassoed the tail of a god darn shooting star, which is my natural trade, don’t you know. And now the feeling has left me orphaned in the great darkness of our time, and I have no choice but to retreat back into this godawful inescapable abyss of paranoia and self-loathing.

I walked through Berkeley for three hours tonight. I am alone and, for god’s sake, I’m losing my mind.