serious question: what’s up with people in their mid-to-late twenties who have careers and are in long-term relationships having, like, these murder mystery nights? this seems to be a near-universal thing, or at least a popular enough thing that i have cataloged instances of it in my head. and if it isn’t a whodunit it’s some sort of barely-perceptively-different costume-related party-thing. or weekly board game nights or cookouts or whatever. this is real! have you noticed too??

is this a symptom or a consequence of “slowing down”? a lot of my Older Friends have settled into stuff like this. maybe once you get burnt out on bars and shit you just do that stuff. i mean, hell, if they’re into it, who am i to say it’s lame and square? i can’t help but wonder if it’s a feeling that you’re too old for the things you used to do, but too young for whatever comes next, which i guess is raising children or investing in a timeshare.

well, there you have it: yet another unsolicited and meaningless mediation from me on a boring phenomenon which has no real answer outside of “because that’s what people feel like doing with their time.”