now that i have a weird black car that my boss’s boss (i think??) referred to as “the car every guy i dated in high school drove”, the amount of times i’ve been compared to david wooderson from DAZED AND CONFUSED has increased tenfold

i’m not sure how i feel about this, but hey baby~

(p.s. i met wiley wiggins in san francisco one time. he’s the little guy on the far right in the first picture. we were both at this weird sponsored party-thing (ew), and i saw him standing alone on the second floor slumped over the railing watching everyone below. i thought, “yeah dude. yeah.” so i went upstairs and talked to him for a while. i don’t know that i initially knew he was wiley wiggins when i saw him up there but i knew it was him when he told me his name (lol). anyway: he was real cool. i asked him if it was ok if i hung out with him, or if he’d prefer to be alone, and he told me to stick around. “we can just be lonely together.” yeeeaaahhh!!!)