y’all know the key to having Nice Cool Hair is to rinse it in cold water, right?


i won’t cave! i won’t look at your social media in the middle of the night, ghosts of my past!!!

for real i don’t look at that stuff anymore

it’ll kill ya after a while, you know?

but then show me something that won’t~

By the time my father was my age, he had had a career for 11 years, owned a house, owned a car, and had two children.

Meanwhile: I own a GameCube, sleep on the floor, play pool with college kids at 4 in the morning, and have watched ‘Blade Runner’ probably 70 times.

“Life,” Barris said, as if to himself, “is only heavy and none else; there is only the one trip, all heavy. Heavy that leads to the grave. For everyone and everything.”

posting this for the 100th time cuz yeah baby!!

(‘a scanner darkly’ rules and it’s one of my favorite books~)

i frequently think to myself, especially in portland: “ugh of COURSE that’s what your boyfriend looks like!!!”

me and laura rokas at the marina in emeryville / oakland some time ago now

hali gave me that t-shirt. i still have it. i sleep in it all the time

thanks for being my friends, laura and hali

Laura and Tracey visited me in Portland!!! I am returning to them soon~


i think about this image sometimes

i had a poster of it when i was a kid

i probably still have it somewhere

yeah real good

today two gloomy-ass boys crossed the hawthorne bridge to downtown portland to buy bedsheets