man i have this stupid urge to chug some dayquil and stand on my roof and play my stupid guitar and scream

lol man that would rule and also be the worst thing ever

Last night I dreamed that both my parents died, and as an adult man I was sent to live with this older woman who hated me. I accidentally fell asleep (inside the dream) when I was running a bath, and it flooded her entire (super creepy) house. She got real mad at me and I tried to escape through an open window.

Later I was in a dream where I was haunting my ex-girlfriend. I mean that literally! I was a ghost and she couldn’t see or hear me, and I was forced to just sort of hang out with her as she went about her day. It was really bad. I kept trying to talk to her: “I’m here! For God’s sake, man, I’m a ghost!” She never did see me. My last memory of this dream is me sitting down and watching her buy fruit from a street vendor. (???)

Finally: My dreams ended with me in a bathtub that was the size of a room. I turned on the faucet and waited for the huge tub to fill up. I soon realized it would take probably a week to fill the whole room, and I become frightened that the water would definitely not stay hot that long.

Man, I keep dreaming about water and taking baths. I think like 70% of my dreams have involved one or the other or both in the last month. What!

I have been trapped inside a DayQuil/NyQuil hellcycle for over five days now and I can barely connect to reality anymore! Hell, I already had a fever to begin with . . . and now I’m whacked out on goofy juice on top of it!

Why is my body getting progressively sicker instead of progressively better? I wonder.

Maybe at some point you get sick and never get better . . . What then!

I feel real bad, dudes~

My friend Monty told me her last final for the semester is on Monday, and I told her we should throw a big party and invite a bunch of people. And then I drafted plans for the party in Photoshop:


Oh and I also made this:


the end

hey does anyone else mutter a prayer for a quick and painless death every day of their life or is it just me

Oh boy

Oh baby!

Looks like Ryan’s getting a vasectomy at Planned Parenthood!

I said to Joe: “Do I look old, Joe?”

Joe laughed and said, “No, man.”

“I feel old. I feel worn out big time.”

“Yeah. I know what you mean.”

Later, outside, I said dreamily to a woman nearby: “What an absolute disaster this world is.”

She said, “Many pockets of it are, yeah. Have a good night, man.”

. . . seriously though I’m going to start updating this website again tomorrow~~!!