god dang it, man. kerwin and i are having a hell of a time with this big dumb television

sometimes i’ll like someone all right, and then i’ll see how they treat animals and it makes me not like them anymore

my good buddy laura rokas had some pictures developed! the first two are from when she and tracey visited me in oregon . . . and the others are from when her sister eli came to visit her in san francisco!

that’s me tokin a huge fat wooden doob on the beach by the way~

yeah baby!!

hello i am 5 years old!!!!

(man i sure do look like i am made of plastic and / or wax here huh)

my good pal jackson took this at the california theatre in berkeley, california

we have a secret club that meets up there every week

looks like the secret’s out!!

My friend Vito asked me to play the straight man in a sketch he had written, and initially I resisted because I don’t like playing the straight man!! But I relented and drove up to Vallejo with McCune and we recorded the son of a bitch right there on the street. Vito uploaded the son of a bitch yesterday. I am sharing it with you today:

It is dumb as all get-out. It is weird strange trash. I’ve never even see a single episode of the show it’s riffing on.

Hmm!! Well, I did it!

Man, listen: This album is incredible. And o’course I’m talking about ‘Sunchokes’ by my new friends SPORTS. I have been listening to this beautiful thing for probably a month straight . . . I can’t quit it!!

I wrote SPORTS (such a good name~) an email saying, in so many words, that I liked them a whole lot, and that this particular album did something to me that I thought couldn’t really happen to me anymore. I told them that it reminded me of some summers I had a long time ago . . . the kind of summers I can’t get my hands on anymore—can’t get my hands on even if I tried!

“And even if I were to strip away my own ghostly affections for these songs,” (I said), “this is still grade-A stuff all the way through.”

I told them if they were ever in the Bay Area, I would gladly house them~

Anyway: Give it a spin, dudes.

(Tomo? In Spain? Are you reading this? You said you liked the records I posted a while back, and man, I’m telling you: you’re gonna love this thing~)


There’s this stand-up guy I work with named Dean. He’s the operations manager. If you need some shit, Dean’ll get it for you.

When I first started here, I had this gimpy chair that they pulled out of a closet or something. Dean saw me sitting on this chair one day, and he said: “That chair is terrible. I’m going to get you one of the nice chairs all your coworkers are sitting on.”

I told him, I said: “Hell, Dean, thanks a whole bunch. I was starting to get chair envy.”

Dean, god love him, is a man of his word: he got me that god darn chair right quick. He gave me a black chair. He said: “It seems that you’re into black, so I got you a black one.”

Sittin on the thing as we speak~

Hell, Dean! Shucks, Dean.

Thanks dude ☆彡