17 June 2019

there were so many people there and so i have a lot of pictures and footage to go through, but here’s this for now!!

(thank’s to li’l kendie for the pix~)

13 June 2019

my brother 20 years ago and me two months ago (lol)

13 June 2019

i was lying here in the dark thinking “nightmare to a dream” is exactly how i would describe the last six months of my life, and then i remembered this line from EARTHBOUND

thank you beautiful friends & spiderlady

everyone is getting in on friday. people are flying in from all over the god darn world, for shit’s sake. at my behest, heartbroken tombo is on a midnight train through texas to get to california by friday. i told him, i said, “come on over, brother.” and so he is. i gotta pick up pallas and amissa at the airport in the evening, and on and on. it’s gonna be real cool. we’re gonna have a hell of a time all weekend. i’m uh . . . i’m just slightly terrified that like 40+ people are showing up to the kermit resurrection. i actually think that’s going to be the case. oh well!! the invitation says “bring wine” and plenty of people have told me they are, so i reckon there will be enough to go around. ok!


12 June 2019

Uh: The other day I was behind a car that had a truly incredible bumper sticker. It said:


Lorrrrrrd. This is such a specific human type. It means that 1) they had a horse, 2) it died, 3) they have a new horse, 4) they want everyone behind them to know this. So good. Ahhhh!!!

10 June 2019

oh man . . . whoa! beautiful~

MITCH aka THE GRIM REAPER and i met at paradise park cafe today and hashed it the heck out

also tombo might come?? he needs to escape my former city in texas, being austin, and i have offered him refuge in my fortified compound on the oakland-berkeley border. it is a subterranean secret house where all the orphans of the world are welcome. i am housing several of them this weekend, including amissa from LA and jackson from south korea . . . and an angel from london!

ok back to work

i’m real excited

and, spoilers: THERE WILL BE BLOOD


09 June 2019

I wrote a “script” for THE RESURRECTION OF KERMIT THE FROG and man it is wild and dumb as hell. We have costumes and makeup, for god’s sake!!!!!

My buddy GRANT will be there on Saturday with a billion dollars worth of camera equipment filming the whole thing so . . . I’ll chop it up and turn it into something afterwards. The world must know, I guess~

Anyway: See y’all on Saturday ☆彡