Electrified by crackling dialogue and visual craftsmanship of the great Howard Hawks, Only Angels Have Wings stars Jean Arthur as a traveling entertainer who gets more than she bargained for during a stopover in a South American port town. There she meets a handsome and aloof daredevil pilot, played by Cary Grant, who runs an airmail company, staring down death while servicing towns in treacherous mountain terrain. Both attracted to and repelled by his romantic sense of danger, she decides to stay on, despite his protestations. This masterful and mysterious adventure, featuring Oscar-nominated special effects, high-wire aerial photography, and Rita Hayworth in a small but breakout role, explores Hawks’s recurring themes of masculine codes and the strong-willed women who question them.

monty went back to new york. and i went to traitor joe’s to buy a bunch of fruit and talk to my new best friend, the goth girl at the checkout counter.

i miss you monty!! come back soon and we will once again get stoned off our asses and drive around drinking cheap coffee and spooking the squares~

this is a quintessential McCune Text™. i know that when i open it, there will be a delicious ten-paragraph scholarly breakdown about how we, as humans, have lost our way as exhibited by the spiritually bankrupt and appallingly vacant creative media that is, i guess, supposed to mean anything to us lol

let’s face it: movies anymore are just cereal. pathetic stuff!

but i’m glad my friend mccune is in the back bearing witness to it all for the rest of us sinners. i mean, somebody’s gotta!

thanks for your service, man. and no, i am not going to hate-watch the movie that lead to your most recent diatribe. i just can’t stomach that stuff anymore!!

monty and i are in baltimore!

and . . . it’s nora! my friend / leila’s old roommate who i met in new orleans many years ago! who is DJ’ing at some bar!

holding a really good album she showed me when we first met!


Monty and I got stoned and went to DC tonight. It was spooky as hell there. For one, there were hardly any people out, and the people we did pass were silent. And also the White House has a massive barricade around it. The whole city just feels really sad and dire. It is certainly the end days for a number things. I just hope it is not the end of everything once and for all. Well: we had fun anyway, in spite of the wreath of darkness which hangs over this place.