02 May 2019

I have much more to say about this soon, but I think I have a near-confirmed date for THE RESURRECTION OF KERMIT THE FROGbeing Saturday, June 15th, which is next month. It will be a sort of pagan ceremony officiated by a group of druid monks, and I among them. Hmm. I don’t want to give away too much, but yes, just because I know you all want to know: the Grim Reaper and an honest-to-God angel will be there soon. So much for paganism! And listen: these two individuals are very special people, and I’m lucky to have gotten them. The Reaper was something of a priest and a bartender in his last life, and the angel is a 12-foot-tall siren who recently covered me in hot sauce and bit my neck in a bar in Portland. W-whew!!

OK! I’m making invitations after I get back from Reno. If you want one, even if you’re not coming, just email me and of course I’ll send one your way. I reckon that’d be kind of a cool thing to just have. And as for the usual suspects in my inner circle: you know you’re getting one of these, baby, so sit back and relax!!!

Gosh!! This’ll be real cool. I’m going to make it even bigger and better than the funeral. It’s gonna be weird as hell, man. Yeah~