REMEMBER SPORTS ruled hard. Matt drove me and Marley and Kelsey to the city, and we sure did see them at this place called Bottom of the Hill, which is honestly a pretty OK place. Sure: There were a few cheesedick mouth-breathers in there, but whatever man . . . I went ahead and let myself have a good ol time anyway. The band was kinda shy and cute and they broke up a stupid little mosh pit that these doofuses were trying to start. Like the band stopped playing for five seconds and said: “Hey. Stop it. Do the people around you look like they enjoy that?” . . . and then kept on playing. This is absolutely not the kind of music that calls for a mosh pit, you idiot jerks!! Also: Kelsey found an extra $20 in the ATM so we drank for free. Cool!!!!


Quinn came over and we watched BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL NEW ORLEANS, which is insane and beautiful. I had not seen Quinn in some time for one reason or another. Nothing happened . . . she just moved away and had a life somewhere else, and on and on, but it’s all OK now. Afterwards she was real tired and I wasn’t so I took some passion flower mixed with green tea and we fell the hell asleep. In the morning I made her almond butter toast and then she drove to Walnut Creek to hang out with her dad or something. Thanks for coming Quinn!! And please sell your motorcycle to me or I’ll cry~


I traveled to downtown Oakland this past Saturday to “”bartend”” a fundraiser for THE PAINTING SALON, which is a little collective-thing comprised of some fine people I know. It was real good. Joey and I wore nitrile gloves to Look Cool. He was my li’l keg pumper and I poured the beer and worked the cash register, and so on. There were two raffles and I actually managed to get a lot of my friends to show up . . . including my little sister and Brandon Sheffield and Christina and Yasmin and her temporary housemate Anna! Plus, uh, these two girls who recognized me as STARPUNCHER at Traitor Joe’s the night before, who I invited to come along . . . and who did show up and spend money, so hey!!

Anyway here are some pictures I took and which other people took and sent to me. I have a huge hickey on my neck that won’t seem to go away a week later, and which everyone kept making fun of me for. That’s world-famous French Canadian multimedia artist Laura Rokas, and Rachelle Bussières! I love them. My friend Fiona sat down and talked to me for a long time, so that’s her with the curly hair. She’s cool. My buddy Logan couldn’t be there so I included her by writing her name on my cup!!!

Fourteen (14!) pictures:

AFTER WE SHUT DOWN: Brandon and Christina and Yasmin and Anna and I went to RADIO, a kind of mini Ruby Room owned by the same people, and which was across the street. And then we went to Eli’s in West Oakland afterwards, a few blocks from my old house there . . . and it was like a dark and dreamlike high school reunion because pretty much everyone I ever knew in Oakland was there. Whoa. I did not have to pay for any of my drinks for the same reason I never have to pay for my drinks: because I know everyone and they don’t charge me, which is sometimes uhhh a bad idea.

Well: I think someone in charge told me I could bartend whatever the hell happens next time, so I’ll let ya know when it is. I wanna make a commercial for them too, if they’ll have me.