Several of my friends have come to visit me in Berlin, and I’ve forgotten to post the pictures I took when they were here. So I’m gonna do it now!

Back in January, Molly and Daisy, who are sisters from England, and who I met in Portland a long time ago, stayed with me in Friedrichshain. Every morning we ate at a breakfast place nearby called Frölich (which means cheerful!). See here:

I then took them to Treptower Park to gaze at the severe Soviet monuments there:

. . . and to the Victory Column in the Tiergarten, which Molly and I scaled for €4 (Daisy was tired and stayed below with her sketchpad):

We also met up with JULES and went to some weird museum whose name I have forgotten:

We also saw a (pretty bad) movie at my favorite theater in Neukölln:

Molly went back to New York and Daisy went back to their little hometown in England, and I felt pretty sad about it.

. . . until Emel-Elizabeth, The Girl From Estonia, finally returned to Berlin for Berlinale and stayed with me here in Schöneberg. We had dinner at Jess’s massive apartment nearby:

We also ate at this Korean place nearby that has Bible verses written in German plastered all over the walls, and all the beer is non-alcoholic. It was really good!

Later, at the 24-hour grocery store by the U-bahn station, Emel was mystified, as I was, by the Germans’ great love of soup precariously stored in what appear to be plastic sausage casings:

On February 24th, AS IS MY WONT, we celebrated Twin Peaks Day by getting pie and coffee:

On the way home, we walked by a playground you’d see in a nightmare:

Finally, we sat down in the living room and searched for each other on T*nder, and then matched. (Apparently her mom calls her Ella ???)

The film festival WRAPPED UP, and so she flew back to Tallinn, and once again I felt real sad about it. This feeling has persisted ever since.