“What we professional liars hope to serve is truth. I’m afraid the pompous word for that is art. Picasso himself said it. Art, he said, is a lie, a lie that makes us realize the truth. Reality? It’s the toothbrush waiting at home for you in its glass, a bus ticket, a paycheck, and the grave.”

Orson Welles, baby, from ‘F for Fake’ . . . which is on Hulu so check it the heck out.



From Orson Welles final interview, which was on ‘The Merv Griffin Show’:

MERV GRIFFIN: Are there certain parts of it, of your life, that were really joyous?

ORSON WELLES: Oh, yes. There’s certain parts of almost every day . . . that are joyous. I’m not, uh . . . an essentially happy person, but I have all kinds of joy. And there is a difference, you know. Because joy is a great big . . . electrical experience. And just happiness is . . . oh, I don’t know, a warthog can be happy. And I don’t want to knock warthogs. Why did I pick on them?

Man, yeah.

The full interview is here and it’s so good. He opens the show by performing magic tricks with the audience. He died about twelve hours later seated at his typewriter.

It is incredibly weird and sad to me that if someone follows you on Twitter or Instagram or whatever, and you don’t follow them back within 24 hours, they unfollow you. It’s not so much the thing itself that creeps me out, but what this behavior means in the bigger picture. Which is to say it is indicative of a much scarier psychological issue people have developed in this era.

Good lord, man. What’s going on with some of you? Is the point just to up your numbers, or to receive a sort of hollow validation for something? Do you go around doing things just to see what you’ll get out of it for yourself? UgggHHHHH!!


Tracey found my Fool card. It was in a copy of ‘A Farewell to Arms’ that I loaned her a few months ago. Mystery solved, baby~

I once asked my good buddy Laura to recreate this, except it’s nighttime and I am The Fool and I am wearing a star tunic, and the dog is Dante, and so on. Laura! Can you still make this??

It is five a.m. and I sure did just pop me “chewable mint-flavored” melatonin, which I got from Trader Joe’s. Kinda weird how they turned this stuff into candy, though hey, I ain’t gonna pretend like I don’t enjoy eating these things. I figure I now have about forty-five minutes to read something, or hang out with Dante on my lap while I watch an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ before The Sleepiness takes hold and sends me into a nightmare void.

Tomorrow I am going to wake up at NOON and drive over to SE Grind and work there until seven or eight. I have a lot to do!! One of the things I have to do is to finish up some questionaire-type deal that the CEO (!!) of a compny in the Bay Area (!!) sent me two hours (!!) after I submitted in my application. This place seems real cool. They emphatically stated that they “don’t care” about resumes and just want to hear you say whatever you got to say about yourself. I guess something caught his eye, whatever it was. As Max says in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: “You know hope is a mistake.” Yeah, man. So I definitely am not hoping for anything, but it would be super all right if they had me interview. I’d be booking a train down to Oakland ASAP if that was the case.

Are you in the Portland metropolitan area? Come sit with me at SE Grind tomorrow. I have mentioned this a few times, about sitting with me there, and twice some friends of mine actually did show up. Cool! Maybe it’ll happen again. We’ll just get stuff done, man. I ain’t gonna bother you or nothing. Well, maybe that isn’t exactly true!!


Thanks to an anonymous (though not anonymous to me!) donor—who I know and like very much, and who is the proprietor of a bed and breakfast in Michigan—I have enough money to feed myself and my cat for a month. Whoa! Good lord, lady. You’re the brass ring, for sure.

Also: Tracey, for God’s sake, man, thank you for the almond butter and the chia seeds and the floss and the socks. Such a good assortment of stuff!!

You start to give up on the whole dang thing, thinkin that this place is a huge ball of garbage filled with mean-spirited automatons, and maybe for the most part it is . . . but then here come people like my friends, and you feel all right again for a little while. I am lucky to know so many good people who are kind and generous to me.

Love y’all!!!


hello i am starsailor welcome to my web Zone

i am 28 years old somehow

i am exhausted and i hope the world ends soon!!!!!!


I just realized I dress the same as Chigurh from ‘No Country For Old Men’